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Retro Charts Radio – At last, there IS an alternative!

Well, where do we start? November 1952 is the accurate answer, but seriously, Retro Charts Radio was launched to provide listeners with a historic archive of all the UK Top 40 hits from the start of the music charts back in November 1952, right up to the last chart of 1999.

By our calculation there are nearly 15,300 hits from that period, which will play randomly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There will be no presenters, no shows, no news, no playlists, no favouritism and no exceptions. No frills, just the music!

With our random elimination system, it should ensure that a hit will not be repeated for 1000 hours. In other words, we proudly present to you, a 4 Week No Repeat Policy!

As you listen, you will notice that there are literally thousands of hits that you have never heard before and even more #HitsThatRadioForgot. From Bing to Bowie, Sinatra to Sinitta, Fury to Ferry and Stargazers to Starship, we have them all.

Our ‘Now Playing’ feature also displays the year of chart entry and its highest position. Fascinating facts nobody else provides on such a feature.

You can join in on social media too, by telling us your favourite, least favourite or the most bizarre #SegueOfTheDay. With the random element, any hit can follow any hit, which will throw up some interesting segues!

Finally, there is something new for music radio and we hope you enjoy opening your ears and mind to RCR, because this is not just radio, this is Retro Charts Radio!